FAQ ( Frequently asked questions )

This page shows the questions most fequently asked about our service.

We have devided these questions into two categories: general use and finance.
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Questions about general use

What can I buy or sell using SafeDeal ?
You can use the SafeDeal service for any type of vehicles.
What is the Inspection Period?
The Inspection Period is the amount of time given to the Buyer (or Seller, if the goods are returned) to examine and value the goods received.
The Inspection Period begins at 12:01 on the working day (Monday - Friday) after the goods have been received and continues for the number of
working days agreed on by the Buyer and Seller.
The Day the goods are received is established according to the consignment date indicated by the courier or the transport company.
Are international purchases and sales allowed?
Yes, we accept international transactions.
How can I change my registration information?
If you would like to make any further changes send an e-mail to Customer Services.
How can a Buyer turn down / return the goods to the Seller?
If the Buyer is not satisfied with the goods, he/she has to:

1) return the goods to the Seller in their original condition;
2) update the transaction with information on the returning of the goods before the end of the Inspection Period;
What happens if the Buyer denies having ever received the goods?
The Seller is responsible for the goods until they are received by the Buyer.
If the goods are lost or stolen during the postage and packing, the Seller has to request compensation from the transport or courier company.
A signature from the transport or courier company is the only undeniable proof of the consignment and receipt of the goods to the Buyer, that SafeDeal wll accept.
Where and how can I cancel a transaction?
Both parties can cancel a transaction anytime.
If you would like to cancel a transaction you can contact with Customer service.

Financial questions

How much does it cost to use the SafeDeal service?
The cost of the SafeDeal service is based on the total amount of the transaction and on the method of payment used by the Buyer, as shown in the chart bellow.
The total amount of the transaction is determined by the purchasing price of the goods plus the eventual postage and packing costs.

The transaction cost SafeDeal (Credit Card) bank transfer banker's draft, bill of exchange
Up to Euro 5.000,00
Up to USD 5.000,00
Up to GBP 3.500,00
3,8% 2% 2%
From Euro 5.000,01 to 25.000,00
From USD 5.000,01 to 25.000,00
From GBP 3.500,01 to 17.000,00
Conctat us info@global-express-delivery.com 1,5% 1,5%
From Euro 25.000,01 to 250.000,00
From USD 25.000,01 to 250.000,00
From GBP 17.000,01 to 176.000,00
Conctat us info@global-express-delivery.com 1% 1%
From Euro 250.000,01 to 500.000,00
From USD 250.000,01 to 500.000,00
From GBP 176.000,01 to 352.000,00
Conctat us info@global-express-delivery.com 0,85% 0,85%
Above Euro 500.000,00
Above USD 500.000,00
Above GBP 352.000,00
Conctat us info@global-express-delivery.com 0,65% 0,65%
Minimum Cost Euro 8,00 Euro 4,00
USD 4,00
GBP 2.75
Euro 4,00
USD 4,00
GBP 2.75
What ways of payment does SafeDeal accept?
SafeDeal accepts the following ways to pay:

1. credit cards (if the amount is under GBP 1,999.99);
2. bank transfer;
3. bitcoin.

The money must be paid net of the sending and receiving costs, any mistakes made in transfering the money can cause delays and further expenses.

Payments must be made in Euro, USD, AUD or GBP payable to SafeDeal please use a current account wich is in the same currency as agreed on the transaction.

If the payment is made by credit card, the User must be the credit card holder.
All payments made by credit card must be in GBP, to find out the conversion you can use The Universal Currency Converter web site.

Who pays SafeDeal's! service fees?
The cost of the service can be paid by the Buyer, the Seller, or divided between them both.
The Buyer and the Seller will come to an agreement, at the beginning of the transaction proceedings, on who will pay for the service.
The Buyer is responsible for the payment when the goods are returned, without considering the person who had taken on the responsibility of the payment at the beginning of the transaction.
When do I pay?
The Buyer will be asked to transfer the payment once all the points of the transaction are agreed on by both parties.
The payments are net of the sending and receiving costs.
To check the amount to be sent we advise you to open the transaction page and refer to the main entry "Total debit".
When will the payment be charged to my credit card?
The payment will be charged to the Buyer's credit card when he/she send a fax with the details required to confirm the payment.
When the Buyer receives the monthly bank account statement, it will show that SafeDeal had cashed the payment (please take note that SafeDeal has to receive the payment
from the Buyer before asking the Seller to send the goods).
How and when is the Seller paid?
SafeDeal will pay the Seller with a cheque or a bank transfer, after the goods have been received, when the Buyer expresses his/her aproval of the purchase, or after the
time agreed on for the Inspection Period is over.

We would like to remind the Seller that the expenses of sending and receiving the money will be charged to the consignee.

There is a Euro 5,00 banking charge for bank transfers sent within the European Union.

Bank transfers sent in GBP or USD or any bank transfers sent from a Non European Union country will be charged Euro 17,50 for the banking expenses.

The bank charge for any cheque either sent abroad or in GBP or USD is Euro 25,00.

These charges will be deducted from the total amount that the Seller should receive.

For information send a mail to our Customer Service.
Can I be reimbursed SafeDeal's service fees if I return the goods?
No, once SafeDeal has received the payment from the Buyer, the service fees are non reimbursable.