Secure Shipping Service (SafeDeal)

GLOBAL EXPRESS also offers SafeDeal services for buyers and sellers around the world.

What is SafeDeal ? If you have already bought goods over the Internet, you know what the potential risks are when buying from an unknown seller. If you sell goods in online auctions, on restricted web sites, private web pages, or through Internet newsgroups, you know that the online buyers want to use their credit cards. Whatever the case SafeDeal can help you. SafeDeal is an impartial third party, whose task is to facilitate the online buying and selling, guaranteeing security, reliance and convience for both parties.

Global Express Services reduces the risks of fraud for those who are buying or selling over the Internet, when dealing with consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer or business-to-business transactions.


Global Express is the safest way to buy and sell on-line. The Buyer checks the quality of the merchandise before autorizing the payment,and allows the Seller to use a safe way of accepting payment by bank transfer.


Global Express Services offers a safe and convenient alternative to bank transfers when purchasing merchandise on-line from unknown sellers. Global Express Services allows the Sellers to accept, with an average cost, payment by credit cards if the amount is under GBP 1,999.99.


It adapts to the client's requirements, guaranteeing that the seller and the buyer can work on-line on the terms and conditions of their transactions in a clear and efficient way.

The process of buying with Global Express Services consists of 5 steps:
The Buyer and Seller reach an agreement.
The Seller pay the shipping cost.
The Seller ships the merchandise through Global Express Services.
The Buyer examines and approves the merchandise.
Global Express close the deal between the Seller and the Buyer.